Lemon Quartz Prices

Definitive guide to wholesale and retail lemon quartz prices.


Lemon quartz is readily available in large sizes - you can find some big baubles with Lemon Quartz.

Wholesale or Retail?

How you determine between a wholesale or retail price has more to do with how much you are buying than if you're actually in the gem business versus a consumer. A jewelry store looking to buy a single lemon quartz stone may be viewed the same as a consumer looking to buy a single stone as well. A wholesaler who needs to buy in mass quantities may get better pricing than one who needs just a few stones. This is similar to other industries.

Lemon Quartz Rough Prices

What fun would a pricing guide be without rough prices? Quartz is so abundant in Brazil, and the treatment is relatively affordable. This puts clean lemon quartz rough around $800/kilo. If you're buying it already pre-formed, then expect it to be about $1,000-$2,000/kilo. If you're wondering what rough or pre-formed is, go on to the next paragraph.

Lemon Quartz Wholesale Prices

Lemon quartz, already cut, in large wholesale quantities (upwards of 2 kilos), should be no more than $1.85/carat. There may be a slight premium for fancy cutting, such as concave, which may cost an extra $1 or more per carat.

Lemon Quartz Retail Prices

When I say retail, I mean the price someone who is buying just a few stones will likely pay. Loose stones are generally not available at retail stores, but there are some stores online that sell loose stones, which makes them accessible to all.

A person should expect lemon quartz to cost between $3 - $8/ct at the retail level.

Color Factor

Color is a factor in the prices. While the gamma radiation intensifies the lemon color, all stones don't accept it the same way. Stones are generally separated based on the intensity of color, with a pale stone selling at a discount to the above prices by at least 30-40%.

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