Green Amethyst - Prasiolite

The surge of green amethyst from Brazil.

What is Green Amethyst?

Green amethyst is a nickname in the trade for quartz that has a greenish color. The gemological name is prasiolite. Like any quartz, its mineral make up is silicon dioxide, and it achieves its color from minor elemental impurities when it was formed. Most of the time, green amethyst is enhanced with gamma radiation, which leaves no traces of detection.

Why is Green Amethyst Popular?

Massive quartz finds in Brazil have popularized not only prasiolite (green amethyst), but also many other hues of quartz. Along with the technological advances in gamma radiation, allow miners and lapidaries to bring an ever consistent color quality and large supply of these stones.

Some colors include yellow -- called lemon quartz or green gold (occassionally lemon citrine). A yellow-orange, commonly known as citrine. A color that looks like and is commonly called cognac quartz. A smokey gray color, known as smokey quartz. A pink color (somewhat opaque), called rose quartz. A lighter pinkish purple color, known as rose de france quartz. Of course, amethyst is the purple color, and comes in a variety of purple shades. The most expensive shade is sometimes described as Siberian (even if it comes from Brazil) -- this is a rich purple with red flashes.

Many jewelry promotions have put green gemstones in the spotlight (especially during spring seasons). This has been a big boost for stones like green amethyst aka prasiolite, chrome diopside, tsavorite garnet, demantoid garnet, green tourmaline and emerald.

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